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We are proud to support our local community and local organizations, which is why we have a great program exclusively dedicated to fundraising! Our Fundraiser is VERY simple--a whole lot of grilled cheese allows you to raise up to 25% of your net sales.

Our Fundraiser is unlike any other fundraising program out there! Our unique approach to fundraising is designed to benefit your organization even more so than the typical fundraiser!

Here's how our Fundraiser Program works:

The more money your fundraiser brings in, the more money you will raise! For example, if your fundraiser brings in up to $800 Grilled Cheese & Co. will donate 15% of the net sales to your organization. However, when your organization brings in over $800 in net sales, Grilled Cheese & Co. will donate a higher percentage to your organization! That's right, your organization could receive a donation of up to 25% of your net sales from Grilled Cheese & Co. Cool, huh?


Dates must be chosen at least 3 weeks in advance.

Your organization can schedule its fundraiser for several nights (e.g. every Tuesday in September or the first Tuesday of every month)

Fill out all of the required paperwork and return it to Grilled Cheese & Co. prior to your event.

Publicize your event with members of your organization using the flyers we provide to you or create your own promotional material.

Provide reminders to members leading up to event.

Arrive at any time on the day of the fundraiser between the hours of 11am–9pm to have your organization benefit from the sales generated.

Customers just need to mention the name of your group at the register.

All you need to do is:

Pick a date and submit a request.

Once approved, distribute the flyers (see website to download) in person, through e-mail, on Facebook or any other creative ways you can think of (not on Grilled Cheese & Co. premises).

Tell everyone you know!


Catonsville Promotional Flier

Eldersburg Promotional Flier

Fundraiser Agreement Form

Tax ID Request Form

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