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It all started with a dream! The day was August 19th, 2005. Vic Corbi had a dream where he was selling grilled cheese out of an Airstream on a street corner. That same morning of the dream Vic and Matt had a day of golf planned up in Pennsylvania. On their way there Vic told Matt about the dream. He then suggested to Matt who at the time had a bar in federal hill that served beer and liquor and no food. The bar had a kitchen but Matt never did anything with it. Vic suggested to Matt about doing a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant at the bar. They talked the rest of the day while golfing and brainstormed and the rest is history.

The company was founded that October in 2005 and they began working on the business plan and developing the concept. Ultimately the restaurant never did end up in federal hill. The dream always stayed alive as the two continued planning the idea for the next couple of years. Then on a business trip in the fall of 2008, Vic was reading the USA Today and read an article about how more restaurant brands were getting into doing festivals and food trucks as an alternative of marketing their business. The light went on and Vic called Matt. Vic's Mom was involved with the Wine in the Woods event in Columbia, MD. Vic suggested to Matt that they buy a tent and all the supplies they would need to setup at the festival to launch the concept.

The company had its debut on May 16th 2009 and was a huge success. Everyone kept asking where's your restaurant, we told them "you are looking at it". After several more successful festivals they began looking for the perfect spot. In January of 2010 they found the spot and our first restaurant opened on April 5, 2010. Grilled Cheese & Co was founded with the idea that high-quality comfort food, memorable service and genuine hospitality are the cornerstones to a great restaurant.