Want your chance at being apart of the Grilled Cheese & Co. family? We’re looking for well-qualified, dedicated franchisees that share our passion for serving delicious meals while building strong relationships in the process. We want to work together and make the process efficient and smooth for all our new business partners.

A little bit about our company:

We were inspired by 2 of our founders Matt Lancelotta and Vic Corbi who were determined to create a restaurant featuring a classic comfort food, grilled cheese, with a twist. They wanted to give their guests a warm and homey atmosphere that would remind them of fond childhood memories.

Along with this, our plan for each of our partners is to create the same atmosphere with low start-up costs and passionate franchisees.

Some benefits we offer:

Business consultant: Each franchisee will be given a Business Consultant to ease the transition and create a more efficient business.

Training: A three-week training program to help franchisees and managers understand the ins and outs of Grilled Cheese & Co.

Real estate assistance: Guidance to help decide the perfect location for Grilled Cheese & Co.

…And so many more benefits! To learn more about owning your own franchise of Grilled Cheese and Co. visit our website.