National Grilled Cheese Month

April is finally upon us!

Why is April our favorite month of the year? Well, of course it’s because it’s National Grilled Cheese Month. We’ve been counting down all winter and now the best time of year has finally arrived, spring!  This month is packed with all types of exciting matters including the infamous April Fools Day, which we have to admit, we can’t resist a good prank every once in a while, but nothing compares to April 12th, NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY!  Not that anyone needs a reason to indulge in our childhood favorite meal, but that Monday there’s definitely no excuse not to.

Where did this deliciously simple meal come from?

According to The Huffington Post, the popularity of the grilled cheese came about during the depression when sliced bread was cheap and convenient for most families.  Although it is now commonly made with slices of cheese it actually was originally commonly made with shredded cheese and one single slice of bread! It’s crazy to think that something so simple can be taken in so many different directions these days.  The different varieties of grilled cheese are just starting and the possibilities are endless.  This month challenge yourself and come up with an original grilled cheese in honor of National Grilled Cheese Month!

How to celebrate

If you’re going to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, you have to do it right.  If you’re making one for yourself, don’t be afraid to throw in your favorite ingredients and spice things up a little.  Make it sweet, like The Sweetest Thing, which we offer on our menu or savory like our Smashed Meatball.   It’s comfort food so be afraid to go a little crazy.  Or we can change things up for you over at Grilled Cheese and Co. with our Underground Menu.  Either way, you’re not going to want to miss out on celebrating the most delicious holiday since Thanksgiving.


We are so excited to be celebrating our favorite holiday, keep updated with our blog to find out what else we are up to!