When we first opened the Grilled Cheese & Co restaurant in 2010 we received many requests from guests to add popular sandwich specials and a build your own option to the menu. Our philosophy from the beginning was to keep the concept simple with an uncluttered menu that was very simple and offered a great selection of sandwiches. While on a business trip I was reading an article online that talked about secret menus in the restaurant industry. The article may have been in Fast Casual Magazine. The main focus of the article was on In-N-Out Burger

and how they offered a secret menu. After returning we started to think about ideas using existing ingredients and began to play around in the kitchen making new grilled cheese sandwiches. We soon discovered that we could create an entire new menu from doing this. The next thing to do was come up with a name for the secret menu, it hit me, let’s call it the Underground Menu. A fitting name being on the down low for those in the know. Needless to say our secret menu has been a huge success as more and more guests venture to the underground every day.